Style (2001) Hindi Movie Watch Online

Style (2001) Hindi Movie Watch Online Informations: Bantu and Chantu are two close friends and fellow collegians in an Arts & ScienceCollege in Bombay, India. Both are up to no good practical pranks and jokes, includingconning their College-mates for money. Both prove that they can do anything for money and an easy lifestyle. In order to continue living a easy and comfortable lifestyle, both decide to marry wealthy girls, namely Rani and Sheena. In order to get close to them they steal identities from two females, Rose Mary Marlowe and Reshma Chowdhury, disguise themselves as females, get admitted in a Girls’ hostel and start their romancewith their future-brides. But fate has other plans for these two pals, as the women they are impersonating have been killed just a day after the duo assumed their identities. Their plans dashed to the ground, the hapless duo must now find a way out of this mess – that is before the police catch up to them.


Style (2001) Hindi Movie Watch Online

Style (2001) Watch Online Dvdrip

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