Barood (1998) Hindi Movie Watch Online

Barood (1998) Hindi Movie Watch Online Informations: Honest and diligent Police Inspector Jai Sharma suspects Mr. Singhal of being a hardcore criminal don, but is unable to apprehend him due to pressure from his superior officer, Police Commissioner Kalinath Gaur. Singhal’s only daughter, Neha, is in love with Jai, and this news enrages Singhal as he wants her to marry Sanjay Gaur, the only son of the Commissioner, and he will not rest until he gets Jai killed, and will utilize every possible and available resource and influence to do this, which also includes exposing Gayetri’s (Jai’s mom) questionable past.


Barood (1998) Hindi Movie Watch Online

Watch Online Barood (1998)

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